VolkerLaser PAS 2030 Approved for External Wall Insulation

The BBA has approved VolkerLaser to PAS 2030: 2012, which sets out the specification for the installation of energy efficiency measures in existing buildings.

Any installer wishing to carry out work under the Green Deal has to be approved to this PAS which contains a series of core requirements plus measure specific annexes. VolkerLaser have been approved for the installation of external wall insulation.

To gain approval the company had to satisfy the BBA that it met the core requirements of the PAS including undergoing an office audit to assess its systems and procedures. In addition, site visits were made by experienced BBA personnel for each of the measures to monitor the installations. As stipulated in the PAS, VolkerLaser will also be subject to on-going surveillance inspections to ensure that their quality of work is maintained.

Speaking about the award Julie Harwood, Marketing Manager for the Worcester based company, said: "VolkerLaser is really proud to have been approved by the BBA and with the Green Deal finally launched it means we are ready to carry out Green Deal external wall installations."

For more information call VolkerLaser on 0844 8004560

For more information on the BBA's range of certification services either visit their website at http://www.bbacerts.co.uk/ , e-mail: contact@bba.star.co.uk or call 01923 665 300.

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